Case Study: The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (February 2017)

Patients Age: 69
Admission Date: 1/30/2017
Admitted From: NewYork Presbyterian / Hudson Valley Hospital
Discharge Date: 2/27/2017
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 29 days
Reason for stay: To strengthen core muscles and improve gait / balance to reduce falls at home
How did this resident hear about The Emerald Peek? Though the case manager at the hospital

Details of Experience:

Marie McCabe came to The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on January 30, 2017 form NewYork Presbyterian. Ms. McCabe was a patient at the hospital due to a fainting spell at home, which resulted in injury. Ms. McCabe had a history of falling prior to her hospitalization as well as hypertension and muscle weakness.

During her recovery at the hospital, Ms. McCabe and her family discussed the need for short term rehabilitation to improve her gait and balance, to begin to manage her hypertension and to strengthen her core muscles in order for her to ambulate safely at home. After researching and touring several facilities within the area with her daughter, Margaret, Ms. McCabe chose The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for its focus on total resident rehabilitation, the warmth of the staff and its commitment to provide support post-discharge through the RN Care Manager program. Ms. McCabe knew when she went home, she would have assistance and would not have to navigate life at home alone.

The Emerald Peek team eagerly eagerly awaited Ms. McCabe’s arrival. Our clinical team, including our RN Care Manager, Unit Manager and Directors of Rehab, Dietary, Activities, Social Work and Concierge Services met with Ms. McCabe during her first day. Each team member welcomed Ms. McCabe and took the time to find out what each could do to make her experience exceptional at The Emerald Peek. The team learned Marie lived in Peekskill, but was born in Ireland. She worked for years in a dialysis unit and shared her compassion for the healing of others. She loved to play cards, read mystery novels and was excited to participate in cooking classes. Ms. McCabe’s rehabilitation program began on her first day as well, with physical and occupational therapy evaluating her to be an extensive assist of 1 with all activities of daily living.

Weeks 1-2 of Patient’s Stay:

Ms. McCabe’s journey home began to take shape during her first two weeks at The Emerald Peek. Tosin, the occupational therapist, assisted Ms. McCabe in improve her grooming, hygiene tasks from assist of one to performing the tasks under minimal supervision. She was also able to use grab bars to use the bathroom under minimal assistance. Ms. McCabe worked hard with Khristine, her physical therapist, to improve her bed mobility from assist of one to minimal supervision in five days as well! She also increased her walking distance from 25 feet to 75 feet with a rolling walker without assistance.

Weeks 2-4 of Patient’s Stay:

Ms. McCabe reached her short term goals by the end of her third week at The Emerald Peek. She was able to walk over 100 feet, her bed mobility function improved to independent and was able to transfer in and out of bed with minimal supervision. Ms. McCabe and the rehabilitation team at The Emerald Peek were not done yet. Climbing and descending four stairs was added as a goal. When Marie arrived, she could not climb any stairs, but the rehabilitation team saw the potential in Marie. By the end of her third week, she was able to climb and ascend six stair steps! By the end of her fourth week, Ms. McCabe was independent with transfers, bed mobility, all activities of daily living and was able to climb and descend eight stairs. She was also able to ambulate unlimited distances with only the use of a cane!
Ms. McCabe’s social and emotional rehabilitation was just as successful. Katie, our Activities Director, involved Marie in creating the recreation program for Marie. This ensured Marie was engaged and able to attend all group activities, including two cooking classes. Marie developed into a pseudo-mentor for newly admitted short term residents, getting to know them and asking them to join her at group activities. When asked about her stay at Emerald Peek, Marie stated, “The staff here is just wonderful. Everyone takes the time to know you, to know what you need and makes sure you have it. The Rehabilitation staff is strong and determined. They work so hard to make sure the patient meets the goals and then some. Don’t worry – I’ll be back to visit often. I love this place and all the staff in it. You are all family to me.”

Within 3 Days of Patient’s Discharge:

On February 27th, Marie was discharged home. Sandy, our RN Care Manager and Susan, our Director of Social Work worked closely with Community Health Advocates to ensure home services were arranged for her. They also contacted Marie’s primary care physician’s office in the community to confirm her future doctor appointments and ensure Marie would be in attendance. We are so excited for Marie that she was able to return to the home and community she loves stronger and safer after her stay at The Emerald Peek!