“I am thankful to all of the Emerald Peek nursing staff and team for helping me gain the ability to get through the prosthesis process, and the extra effort they put into helping me get it is overall a blessing. They knew I was determined, and even when I felt like giving up the team stood by my side.” – Richard F.

“This is incredible. I cannot believe you are all doing this for me. It really does feel like I graduated. I am very grateful to you all for getting me back on my feet. This team is great.” – Michael L.

“It is amazing to me how more social and more engaging my dad is since he came to stay with you. He sings, he smiles, he laughs, he really does enjoy himself every day.” – Lynn G.

“The rehab team is so great. Mom wanted to change her rehab times and they are always so accommodating. Whether it is because we are taking her out for a visit, or because of one of the great recreation events, rehab always makes time for her. It’s because of that flexibility that she wants to participate. She’s come so far because of that team.” – Lisa G, daughter of Barbara G.

“I am so happy I came here. I am more happy that you helped me go home. I thought I would never be able to go home. Thank you for taking such good care of me. All of you were so nice to me.” – Alma A.

“I am so thankful and grateful to you and the team for everything. I did not think mom would be able to get around in the house like she is. She is doing really well and we owe it all to you and Emerald Peek.” – Mary, Daughter of Mary B.

“You really do have a lovely place here. I was nervous at first, and it was a lot to take in, but you (Katie C.), Sandy, Frantz and Mark, are doing a wonderful job taking care of everyone. My mom is better because she is here. I will actually be able to take her home safely now; I never thought I would be able to do that. Thank you to everyone!” – Mary N.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff at Emerald Peek for the excellent care I have been given. Doreen Brown (CNA) has gone out of her way to make me extra comfortable. WestLedge has held many happy memories for me as will Emerald Peek.” – Betty O.

“Sara Delguidice, LPN, is very kind and patient. She is professional, supportive and helps us when needed. I am very glad to be able to work with Sara D.” – Karen B.

“To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff at Emerald Peek for the excellent care I have been given.  Doreen Brown (CNA) has gone out of her way to make me extra comfortable.” – Betty O.

“Basically, you all saved my life, my wife’s life, and my marriage. This process has been so hard on her too; you saved a family.” – Michael D.

“I didn’t think I would be getting this strong so quickly. The rehab team here is terrific, just really terrific.” – J. Weis

“This is becoming my second home and I am so lucky. You guys take such good care of me every time I am here. I am so blessed to have all of you.” – Marie M.

“I cannot believe I am going home. I came here thinking I would not be able to go back to doing what I was supposed to be doing. I thought I would just get worse. But you, (Mark) run a really tight ship here. You make sure that everything gets done right. I am so glad that you are here and the staff you have here is great. I am going to write you a letter with all their names. They are just terrific!” – Miriam R.

“The first time I came here, I was nervous and scared. I didn’t think I was going to get back on my feet again. Now that I am back for a second time, I am not scared. I know I will get back on my feet. Of course, I will get back on my feet; I am back with all of you!” – Alice O.

“Thank you for helping my son, John. It helped me very much that my son was able to deal with the amputation in a positive way; he was motivated to walk again. Although I’ve never met you, I feel like you are angels watching over him.” – Mother of John G.

“I am sorry for the fall I had, but there is no place I would rather be than here. I trusted you the first time, and I am lucky to be able to trust you with my rehab again. I just know you will get me back on my feet once again.” –  A. O’Shea

“I am really going to miss all of you. Thank you for taking care of everything I needed, even my difficult diet needs. The staff was terrific, they were kind. I am thinking about coming back to volunteer. I really love this place.” – R. E.

Click here to read a beautiful testimonial from the Koscal family!

When Glenford M. was discharged, he shared, “This place is my home. You are my family. I will miss you all greatly.”

“This really is a wonderful place. You are kind and took care of me. I am happy to be going home… But, if I was going to have to go back, I would want it to be here. This will be a second home to me. God bless you all.” – Thomas T.

In reference to our staff gift for the Holidays, a DVD of video and photo highlights from 2016, Maria A. stated, “This is a really cool thing. The year has flown by and we tend to forget all of the fun and good things we did! It was really thoughtful of all of you to do this, and it is just one more way you tell us how much you love us!”

“What an amazing job you all did on the renovations. It’s gorgeous. Now, the building will shine just as brightly as the staff does.” – Shirley B.

“My family knows that they can ask anyone a question or let you know a need, and you and your staff will not stop until it is taken care of. It is a burden you have taken off of us and we really appreciate it.”
– Anita, daughter-in-law of Josephine L.

“I grew up around here and raised my family here. My friends and I were talking about all the changes here and how great it is to see and hear. This building is a big part of the Peekskill community and we all want the building to do well. Now that I see it from the inside, I know it will be successful, because of the physical improvements and because of the staff.” – Alice O.

“No wonder the staff is so happy; with the way you all care for them, they would have no choice but to be happy.” – Carol D., wife of a patient

“This is what the season is really all about. Spending time with the people you love and who are your family. You are all my family.” – Mary W., on a wreath making class

“You feel like an extension of my family. I feel very comfortable talking with you both, because I know you will help me take care of everything.” – Anthony, son of a resident

“When we have challenges, no building, no team works together like Emerald Peek.” – Kathrin, DON

“My mom has been in and out of hospitals and facilities for the last few years. No where have people been so kind as here. We want to take her home, but this feels like a family while we are here.”
– Rich H.

“This facility is family to me. You love me and take good care of me. This will be my home now.” – Shirley B.

“I really didn’t want to come here. I wanted to go home. Your staff was kind, patient and understanding. I am really glad I came to stay here. You made me strong enough to go home. Your rehab department is really great.” – Terese

“You are making it easier to understand what is happening to me and why I am here. When I get confused, I just look in my book and I feel so much better. I even wrote down where your office is so I can come visit you.” – Richard C.

“It gets more comfortable here every day…. I am getting happier here every day.” – Santiago A.

“It’s amazing to me. I am not an easy patient. I am difficult and stubborn. You guys never gave up on me. Never. Every time someone told me we would get to this day, I said no. You were right. I am lucky to be here.” – Perry E.

“This job you have is a really good one. It is a job that helps the people that live here figure things out quickly. I would be lost, having to figure this out all on my own. You are my friend and thanks for helping me.” – Richard C., to the concierge director

“Everyone here is kind. I have had some challenges and was nervous. You guys made me feel at ease. At home. Thank you.” – Bruce M.

“One more thing for us to do together. It’s great that staff from all different departments is doing things together. One big Emerald Peek family.” – Gloria G., on Weight Watchers

Carol D., a family member of a resident, stated, “It really is amazing to see how hard you and the team work to make the facility feel like home. You make it look better than I ever did at my home and it’s terrific.”

“I am so glad you helped me get out of my room. I was so worried that I would not enjoy it that I never wanted to leave my room. I am really enjoying it.” – Gwen M.

“You guys always find ways to make things fun here. Even flu shots, which most everyone doesn’t want to get, you are making these fun.” – Vicky S., housekeeping

“At other nursing homes, the doctor’s were the best staff in the building. It is so different here. Here, everyone is great. The aides are kind and compassionate. Nancy (the Unit Manager) and the other nurses take great care of Mom. It really is worthy of the 5-star rating.” – Patrick L., son of a resident

“The staff here just gets kinder and kinder. Everyone is smiling, looking like they are having a great time at work. It’s really, really nice to see.” – Arthur E.

“Everyone was nice last time, but this time everyone is so attentive and asked me what they can do for me every day. I am so happy to see the improvements and happy to be back.” – Pauline N.

“It is wonderful to see staff who were here last time that they are still here. It makes me comfortable to see staff I know. I know they will take good care of me.” – Marie G.

“They all took really good care of me. I had a really good time here.” – Diane P.

Fred F. noted, “This place gets a little bit better every day. You asked me what I would like to eat, now I get exactly what I want on my tray. I asked for help with my tablet and phone, you helped me. It is beginning to work out quite nicely.”

After a conversation with a resident’s family about Celiac Disease, the Director of Dietary and I talked about her diet and we brought in some unique Gluten Free food for her to try. Her son was very appreciative – “It was very kind for you and the staff to think of my mom and her unique challenge. She can get Gluten Free food anywhere. But for you to take time to find unique things for her makes this place really special.” – John L.

After showing the “No Place Like Home” video to staff – “This is turning into a place to work hard AND have fun. You in your movie director costume, Kathrin in the Dorothy costume and Mark in the Scarecrow – who does that? You guys are great.” – Gloria G.

Mary H. raved about her clinical team: “I could not ask for better nurses and CNAs. They are the best of the best and take really, really good care of me. I am lucky to have them.”

We have started to break ground outside as part of the construction. Natalie W. told me, “It’s really all coming together. Mark and CareRite really are going to finish it and make the building better. It makes me really proud to see how far the building has come!”

Gina R. is a resident who is receiving her prosthesis on Thursday. When told, she said, “I never thought this day would come. The staff has believed since I got here and I am just so thankful.”

During a resident B-B-Q, Mary W. told us, “I am going to miss these events in the winter. It is great to get outside with everyone and enjoy the nice weather and all the staff. The food is so good and so is the singer (we had live entertainment).”

“I am happy to be moving on to assisted living, but I will miss all of you. This has been my home for so long.” – John D.

“I know caring for my mother has been a challenge for all of you, but everyone is here so kind. You have taken such good care of her. We are lucky to have found you.” – Murat H.

“It is remarkable to think of where I was to where I am. I will miss you all, especially the staff that took good care of me.” John S.

“You guys (Mark, Katie, Kathrin) have done more events and activities for staff in the last 6 months than we have done in years. You are a good balance of keeping us in line and making us smile.” – Tina G.

“I am glad to be leaving, but everyone has really been wonderful here. Everyone has been very kind.”
– Debbie M.

“It is great that we are eating outside so often. It helps us enjoy the summer!” – Michael M.

“Your outdoor event yesterday was wonderful. Thank you so much for including us. My aunt and I can see how much you care for my uncle and all the residents.” – N. Otero

“You have all been so accommodating with my husband. You have been very kind.” – J. Riesdorph

“The barbeque you all had on Monday was really nice. I can see how much effort you put into it and I could see how much you all enjoyed it as much as we did. It was a really nice day.” – Debbie M.

“I just want to take a second and tell you how nice the staff is. They have a lot of work to do and, even so, they are nice to us all the time.” – Wilbur N.

“My uncle is really enjoying himself here. It is amazing that all of you not only know his name, but know things about him. He really is coming a long way.” – Theresa, niece of a resident

“It’s really cool to see Mark (our administrator) sitting with the residents, talking with them, getting to know them. He gets to know them on a personal level, which a lot of our former administrators never did.” – Dietary employee

“It is amazing to see the renovations actually happening. That lobby will be so beautiful for our patients and families.” – L. Todd

“Last week (Nursing Home Week) was wonderful. It was so nice to see everyone smiling, laughing and getting along. I was so happy to be on Team Purple.” – M. Hoos

“You, Mark, Kathrin – you make a real difference here. You guys make it fun. I’m glad you’re here.” – N. Wheeler

“Your outdoor event yesterday (BBQ for second floor residents) was wonderful. Thank you so much for including us. My aunt and I can see how much you care for my uncle and all the residents.” – N. Otero

“You have all been so accommodating with my husband. You have been very kind.” – J. Riesdorph

“Dear Mr. Badolato,

I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been for my mother and family here at Emerald Peek. The phrases “wonderful experience” and “palliative care” are certainly an odd combination but it describes our past eight days. Our family entered uncharted waters when we made the tough decision to put mom in palliative care. Your amazing staff has held our hand and guided us through this tough stage of life. Mom always said she wanted to die at home we but we all know at this point it was not possible and were all feeling a bit guilty. I believe the comfortable homey environment makes mom think she is actually at home.

I originally was going to name names to let you know some of the wonderful staff members who have helped us but as the week went on I realized that they are all amazing, caring individuals who truly love their jobs. They talk to my mother as if she was their mother! From the housekeepers to the CNA’s, to the nurses, to the administrators- we have nothing but praise and admiration! We still can’t get over the fact that on the Friday evening Mom moved in Susan called me with her cell number in case we needed anything over the weekend!

I think you get the point- you have provided a wonderful service to our family and we will be forever indebted to you. Thank you!” – Ginny, Daughter of E. Timmons

A few weeks later:

“I wrote this letter a month ago but mom decided she wanted to stay a bit longer- hence the nick name ‘Bounce Back Betty.’ The same extraordinary care continued for three more weeks, with lots of ups and downs but always with caring staff nearby. The day after mom passed three staff members called me personally to convey their condolences! Amazing! Thank you for everything!”