Case Study: The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (August 2017)

Patients Age: 65
Admission Date: 7/7/2017
Admitted From: Hudson Valley Hospital Center
Discharge Date: 8/7/2017
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 31 days
Reason for stay: To increase strength, mobility, and balance due to a fracture of the left femur which occurred during a fall at home.

Details of Experience:

The team at Emerald Peek warmly welcomed David Brownstein on July 7th. David was greeted by RN Care Manager, Sandy Gomas, and Director of Concierge Services, Katie Cullum. David chose us for our location and rehabilitation team. David met with Tom Cirrincione, the Director of Rehabilitation Services, within 30 minutes of his arrival and the remaining members of our team within 24 hours. Tom and the team shared with David that his expected length of stay would approximately be 5-6 weeks.

Weeks 1 through 4 of Patient’s Stay

Tom met with David again the next day and told him what his goals for David were: To perform all his Activities of Daily Living (ADL) independently, increase his trunk strength and lower his risk of falls by being able to safely transfer and stand. David stated how relieved he was that there was a plan in place for him and he knew what his goals were going to be. Susan, his Occupational Therapist, and Jose, his Physical Therapist, got to work with David right away. Within two weeks, David met his trunk strength goal and his bed mobility goal. Within three weeks, David was able to perform all of his ADLs with Modified Supervision. With such success, the Rehab team added one more goal: to have David ambulate 100 feet independently. At the end of his fourth week, two days before discharge, David and the Rehab team met this goal!

Within The Last 3 Days of Patient’s Discharge

On 8/7/2017, David was discharged back home to his family, two weeks ahead of schedule. David was elated to return home ahead of schedule. He shared, “You kept to the plan and the schedule. I cannot believe it. I am so glad I came here. I hope I don’t have anything like this again, but if I do, I will be coming to your place.”