Case Study: The Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (August 2016)

Patients Age: 73
Admission Date: 6/8/16
Admitted From: NYP-HVH
Discharge Date:
Discharged To:
Length of Stay: 48 days
Reason for stay: Short Term Rehab for increasing trunk strength in order to facilitate upright posture, increased participation, ambulate a minimum of 150 feet and 12 steps with an assist of one and/or ambulation devices, performance of IADL tasks, develop ability to recognize hazards and make safe environmental decisions.
How did this patient hear about the Emerald Peek? The patient was familiar with the facility through doctors in the community.

Resident was admitted to The Emerald Peek with the following diagnoses: Recurrent major depressive disorder, dementia with behavioral disturbance, combined systolic and diastolic congestive heart failure, muscle weakness, syncope due to substance abuse dependence. Resident lived independently in the community prior to admission. His goals were to get better and be able to take care of himself. The previous facility thought he would be a long term patient. The interdisciplinary clinical team at The Emerald Peek thought otherwise. Our Nursing, Therapy, Recreation and Dietary departments put together a treatment plan that focused on rehabilitation of all of the needs: physical, occupational, social and emotional. This treatment plan included medication review and reduction, obtainable weekly ADL and ambulation goals, weekly meetings with family to ensure full family participation in the rehabilitation process and full participation in individually-focused recreation activities to stimulate an increase in self-confidence.

Here are the resident’s baseline measurements and goals achieved during stay:

General Strength
Baseline: 3 (out of 5)
Discharge: 5 (out of 5)

Sitting during ADLs
Baseline: Poor
Discharge: G-/F+ (maintains balance with min resistance

Mobility during ADLs
Baseline: Total dependence
Discharge: Modified Independent

Ambulation – Length
Baseline: None
Discharge: 250 feet with cane

Ambulation – Stairs
Baseline: None
Discharge: 18 steps up/down with handrail or cane

The resident came to us needing constant personal observation for his safety, unable to independently ambulate or care for himself. The resident is now driving and checks in with the facility periodically to provide progress updates.