Case Study: Emerald Peek Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (Q1 2024)

Concierge: Laura St.Louis
Patient Name: Merle Mccalla
Patient age: 83 years old
Admission date: 02/21/2024
Admitted From: Hospital
Discharge to: TBD
Length of stay: 1 month 12 days
How did the patient hear about the community: Hospital

Details of experience:

Merle was admitted to the Hospital due to a fall she experienced at her loved one’s home. She had flown from Jamaica to visit her husband at The Emerald Peek. After a stay at the hospital and thorough testing, Merle transitioned into our community at The Emerald Peek to receive Physical Therapy with our excellent Rehabilitation Department.

Merle stated that her stay here at The Emerald Peek has been excellent; she has expressed that the staff’s encouragement has given her the strength to continue and build her strength. Unfortunately, Merle’s husband hasn’t been doing too well; remarkably, that hasn’t stopped her from getting through this challenging time, and she has thrived amazingly. Merle also emphasized that the distance from her family was not far, making it easier for her to visit frequently and purchase any necessary items.

Merle had the pleasure of meeting her team, which consisted of the concierge, unit nurse manager, physician, PT, dietician, LPN, and CNA. Merle complimented every staff member and was recuperating beautifully. Merle’s PT team stated that she adjusted well to the environment and worked her way to where she is today, which led to her successfully completing Rehab and led to her being cleared for discharge. Her identified goals would help improve her ability towards enhanced mobility and movement, balance, and fall prevention.

Merle worked her way up from doing PT/OT to using a walker and independently made strides and movements. As her strength gradually progressed, so did her desire to walk out of our community. Merle has always complimented the hard-working staff that make up our community.

While discharge is still in the works, Merle greatly appreciates that our staff could assist her in gaining the mobility needed to walk out of The Emerald Peek. Merle says the most significant highlight of her day was going to Rehab and building strength; with her husband’s stay here at The Emerald Peek, she made it a mission to encourage him herself for his own strength. Merle didn’t allow anything to hold her back but kept fighting with her team’s support here at The Emerald Peek.

Merle, your strength and willpower and allowing your team here at The Emerald Peek to assist you in your recovery time have been a pleasure. Thank you for allowing me to be your Concierge at The Emerald Peek.