Upcoming Events

Download our March recreation calendar for more exciting events taking place throughout our community!

General Store: Offered Every Wednesday from 2:00pm – 2:45pm

Our own convenience store that offers snacks, drinks, toiletries and accessories at reasonable prices for our community members.

Music Therapy: Offered Every Thursday in the Afternoon!  

One-to-one visits are provided for our short-term Rehabilitation Patients for individual musical interests and reminiscing when relaxing from their busy therapy sessions. Music therapy groups are also provided on this day for all Residents and Patients in our Community interested in creating music with specialized instruments and with the guidance and expertise of our Licensed Music Therapist! 

“Wind Down Wednesday:”

From 4:00pm -5:00pm on March 7th & March 21st in the 2nd floor dayroom! 

Join us in an opportunity to meet our neighbors while enjoying craft cocktails and a before dinner snack! 

Recreation & Rehabilitation: 

Specialized classes are provided Monday through Friday! 

Classes are created by our Certified Recreational Therapist in conjunction with our Rehabilitation team to optimize our Patients’ therapeutic experience!